Co-Director / Web Designer

Tom is a freelance web designer/developer/rebel leader of his graduating year at Central St Martins. Tom trained in Graphic Design before moving into pure web design – giving him skills and an understanding of design that many web developers don’t have. Tom is pretty handy with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, SASS and WordPress. After working for the likes of Switchboard, Best Story Told and Inverse he spent several years helping local businesses in Peckham get off the ground before flying off to Brazil to do the same over there. After joining the good ship Barefaced in 2015 he now spends his days in the office being cheeky.

When he isn’t throwing burgers at his face you can often find him on a bike. Thankfully though he is never too far from an internet connection which is, of course, the true source of his powers.

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