Co-Director / Web Designer

Tom is a web designer, developer and all-round tech nerd. Having worked for the likes of Google, Switchboard and Inverse Lighting’s London, Bangkok and Hong Kong offices, he decided to give Barefaced Studios a whirl. That was in 2015 and we haven’t been able to get rid of him since. In fact, he became a company director in 2018 and now spends his days in the office being cheeky.

Despite his reputation as the rebel leader of his graduating year at Central St Martins, and much to his mum’s relief, Tom managed to achieve a BA in Graphic Design. It was during his university days that he became immersed in web development. His training and degree have given him specific skills and an understanding of design that most web developers just don’t have – making him a bit of a web design unicorn. As a result, his work has taken him around the world – from helping tech start-ups in Brazil, to launching websites for businesses in tropical Peckham. Tom is pretty handy with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, CSS, jQuery, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, SASS and WordPress. When he isn’t throwing burgers at his face you can often find him on a bike. Thankfully though he’s never too far from an internet connection which is, of course, the true source of his powers.

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