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Tavia is in her final year at university, studying the vaguely named degree Cultural & Creative Industries at City University. Ah, the glory years of getting drunk every night and sleeping til midday every day. Except for when she has work the next day, of course. She’s not your average student though, although she’ll deny it if you ever ask. Since bumbling out of the parents’ basement at the ripe old age of 18, Tavia has studied at Leeds College of Art, curated and managed a handful of exhibitions and events across the UK, lived in the Netherlands for 9 months, been a part-time estate agent, and learnt a bit of Python. The programming language, not the snake. Although if she was a Parselmouth, we wouldn’t be surprised. Tavia is also pretty handy with the written word and contributes her witty prose to our in-house magazine North Four, a culture journal for Inner North and North East London.

When she’s not busting about town on her roadie or painting Tetris on her nails, Tavia is tending to our succulents and keeping tabs on our shining social media record.

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