Senior Videographer

Ben is an all-around tech nerd. When he’s not checking out the latest tech crazes he’s out filming. He is an artist/musician at heart who picked up a camera just so he could be on the side of the stage hanging with the bands. Eventually, people started to notice him filming these events and then they started asking him to film for them, which was the whole point really. Ben has an eye wateringly┬ágreat CV, having worked with the likes of Element, TNBP, Lisa King, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Film4. A skilled maestro of atmospheric footage, he can make even the most boring corporate video seem beautiful. Ben specialises in music, fashion, property, business, testimonial and event videography.

When he’s not geeking out with a film camera you can find Ben mooching around London taking photographs. He’s basically surgically attached to some sort of camera. Can’t get enough. We’re pretty sure he’ll marry a camera one day and have tiny camera babies.

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