Sipping Liquor

Sipping Liquor is a craft spirits club and subscription service. Their booze experts scour the planet to bring their members the best whiskies, rums and brandies (and occasionally something a little more exotic like a mezcal or grappa). They focus on niche, craft distilleries with the objective of supporting smaller producers and the drinks they select won’t be found on the shelves of mainstream stores

  • Branding & Identity Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration

Sipping Liquor is a brand spanking new start-up, having been formed and founded at the beginning of 2017. We were asked by head honcho Andrew Rummer to conceive, create and deliver a full brand identity for the company from scratch.

What we did?

Our approach was to create a modern adaptation of the more traditional alcohol brand identities, inspired by the rich heritage of drinking spirits and traditional English members clubs. The core brand colour, a rich mustard, was chosen in response to the yellow undertones found in most whiskies and rums, which we looked to compliment with earthy and muted tones. We developed a signifier for the brand in the form of an illustration we named ‘Marvin’, who was largely inspired by Harry Craddock, famed bartender of the early 20th Century and author of arguably the world’s most famous drinks guide the Savoy Cocktail Book. Marvin was depicted running with a briefcase to depict the notion that he is delivering the latest Sipping Liquor shipments to their customers (aka the ‘club members’).


The resulting brand identity seamlessly embodies the history of the creation and distribution of spirits with a sense of belonging to a group of like minded people. The colour palette evokes the taste buds and signifies the rich, deep and complex flavours found in the spirits sourced by Sipping Liquor. It’s by this reinforcement of flavour visually, in order to trigger as many senses as possible, that Sipping Liquor are able to elicit a more deep seated emotional response to their brand among their customers. The illustration of Marvin acts as a physical form and talking point for the brand, adding an element of fun and a dose of wit (which runs throughout Sipping Liquor’s marketing – check them out, they’re hilarious).