Remarkable Pubs

Pat yourself on the back my friend, for if you find yourself inside one of our Remarkable Pubs then you’re in for a right treat. Remarkable are a collection of lovingly restored traditional boozers across London. Full to the rafters with great wine, even better beer, jukeboxes, witty conversation and food glorious food, Remarkable create fantastically authentic British pubs. Hunker down my friend, you’ll be here until close.

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Branding & Identity Design

We met the MD of Remarkable over a pint and a packet of scratchings in The Shaftesbury Tavern and instantly realised just how much we liked the cut of his jib and luckily he liked ours too. Remarkable were overhauling their marketing output, including their website which had slow load times and was pretty outdated. We were tasked with quickly and cost-effectively turning around a brand spanking new site for them accompanied with charismatic copywriting and engaging photography, as well as designing some flyers for a selection of their pubs.

What we did?

We helped Remarkable move away from stale old design and the dark colours that stereotype the traditional British pub. The websites, flyers and posters created for your typical London boozer are usually about as charming as a limp lettuce, conjuring up images of geezers getting lairy and dirty pint glasses. But this stereotype just isn’t what Remarkable is all about. We wanted to make Remarkable’s online presence representative of the chain’s beauty, spirit and cheekiness. Tradition in the best possible way. We went for a decidedly fun approach, working with colours, lettering and illustration inspired by the Art Deco and vintage posters that line many of the pub’s walls.


Each pub has a different story to tell, so we tailored our copywriting and photography for each individual venue in the Remarkable collection. Remarkable has a very distinct personality and history, which we’ve captured in their new marketing assets. Fun, witty and dripping in heritage, Remarkable straddles the realm between traditional and modern. The new look and voice of Remarkable Pubs is inviting and approachable, modern but not alienatingly so, traditional but not stuffy. We wanted the copy to feel like a conversation between friends and the imagery to look like you’re sat in their pubs having a good time and people watching. You can check out the site we built for Remarkable by clicking here.