North Four Magazine

North Four is a new magazine documenting the lives of local people, independent businesses and creative projects across the four Inner North London boroughs: Islington, Haringey, Camden, Hackney. North Four magazine is produced by us – The Barefaced Movement team! After recognising the growing culture of creativity, community spirit and good vibes of the area in which we live and work, we decided that our part of the city needed a voice that reflects one of the most exciting corners of London.

  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Signwriting & Environmental Design
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Illustration
  • Communications
  • Events
  • Content
  • Marketing

The first port of call was to create an editorial-meets-visual concept that represents the good people of North London. The platform needed to be beautifully designed and have an abundance of personality. Our editorial is cheeky, doesn’t take itself too seriously but always promotes positivity. The art direction sits somewhere between edgy realism and a sunny disposition, it’s laidback but brimming over with creativity. Sort of like North London then.

What we did?

Inner North London is vibrant. It has a buzzing arts scene and unique independent shops, backed by a heritage of music, art and food. The community is friendly and supportive, a melting pot of different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds. Our editorial policy reflects this, with a focus on arts, culture, independent business, events, design, food, drink, nightlife and most importantly the people who live and work here. As local residents, we wanted to create a homegrown journal that not only portrays and engages with the local community but is also contemporary, stimulating, witty, beautiful and most of all an interesting read!


The digital magazine receives in excess of 13,000 unique visitors per month and our social following is in excess of 14,000 people. We’re now working on our first print edition, which will be a high quality, design led coffee table book style magazine that people will actually want to keep. A carefully curated journal that will feature original illustrations, photography and smart editorial, as well as showcase independent and established local businesses. You can check out North Four by clicking here.