LPC Living

LPC Living is a socially-minded property development company specialising in urban regeneration. Based in the North West of England, LPC Living have built in excess of 1,300 homes across the region, as well as a brand new high street in Radclyffe Park featuring shops, homes and a state-of-the-art NHS medical centre. Fonthill Mews, a residential development in Finsbury Park, is LPC Living’s second venture in London, having first built KIP hotel in Hackney.

  • Branding & Identity Design
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
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  • Communications

We were asked to create a brand identity and marketing strategy for Fonthill Mews, an incredible collection of design led homes in Finsbury Park, North London. Set in a historic mews and former coach house the development is a mix of heritage and contemporary styling, mixing natural materials with industrial elements, all of which needed to be reflected in the look and feel of the design and content created for the project.

What we did?

We first devised the slogan ‘New York Loft meets London Mews’ as a reflection of the interior styling and architecture of the development. From here we chose a colour palette of steely greys to represent the contemporary and industrial aspects of the development complimented with a shade similar to ‘British racing green’ to symbolise the heritage of the mews as well as the natural materials used in the build. The iconic ‘badge’ logo references London’s famous blue plaques that link people of the past with buildings of the present. A marbled pattern was incorporated into the design aesthetic inspired by the finishes used in the bespoke kitchens, which were a focal point of each new home.


We took an aspirational tone of voice, influenced by style bloggers and travel journals, which encouraged the reader to daydream about their lives living in Fonthill Mews. We added a little bit of wry wit subtly throughout the copy to add a down-to-earth tone that better suited the target audience of this project. The photographic imagery tells an equally aspirational story, moving through each home as if the reader themselves were exploring it in real life. Overexposed to properly portray the brightness of the interiors, each image was processed to be clean yet colour accurate, using unusual vantage points to show off features and a wide-angle lens to capture entire rooms. You can check out the microsite we built for LPC by clicking here