Heron Financial

The days of dressing-up in a suit and staring at the face of your local bank manager, whilst gulping down weak tea and hoping that your mortgage will be approved are gone. Heron Financial are a new breed of mortgage broker aimed at helping you secure the absolute best mortgage for your personal circumstances. Heron offer a very well structured and personalised service with a real emphasis on providing excellent customer care.

  • Branding & Identity Design
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Sign Writing & Environmental Design
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Illustration
  • Communications
  • Content

Heron felt that their brand identity, marketing materials and digital presence weren’t representative of who they are as a business. They wanted to appear as welcoming and caring in their marketing as they are in real life, whilst ensuring that the customer experience was just as good online as it is in branch. Our objective was to develop their brand story into an offering that really connects with both their B2C and B2B clients, presenting the business in an authentic and relatable way.

What we did?

Heron’s new visual style and language embrace a brand identity that really stands out above the competition. The rich colours and use of patterning were inspired by British tailoring and were chosen to portray the company as established, dependable and prestigious. This is in contrast to the down-to-earth tone of voice and fun direction of the photography and illustrations, creating a harmonious balance between professional and approachable. The patterning was developed into a more modernist geometric design, whilst rounded fonts and pale tonal colours were used to inject a sense of warmth and friendliness.


We worked closely with the Heron team to define the company’s position within a competitive market, creating a full rebrand with accompanying guidelines to ensure consistency across all touch points. We built a fully responsive and mobile-focused website, complete with bespoke photography, illustration and copywriting. We developed a cohesive set of marketing materials, including B2C and B2B company brochures, marketing suite and illustrated visuals for email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, we assisted with the interior brand application including vinyl designs and hand painted signage. You can check out the site we built for Heron Financial by clicking here.