Harley Academy

Harley Academy are an education platform and community for future industry leaders in aesthetic medicine.

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Harley Academy were rapidly becoming the aesthetic industry’s front runner in training and education. Moreover, the company were moving into a tech ed arena. The team behind Harley Academy wanted to reflect this in their branding and asked us to completely rethink their existent aesthetic (oh the irony!) which was outdated and indistinguishable from their competitors. They challenged us to create a brand identity that was equally reflective of their prestigious educational offering as well as their progressive digital offering, whilst ensuring that they appear approachable and trustworthy.

What we did?

It was clear that Harley are disruptors to their industry. We wanted to reflect this in the brand identity and challenge the stale aesthetic that’s so prevalent among brands within this sector. Our process was largely inspired by prestigious British collegiate universities coupled with iconic digital keyboard shapes. The photographic identity for Harley Academy was galvanized by their desire to bring a more natural look to the industry. We chose ‘real models’ of various ages from a range of ethnic backgrounds¬†to achieve a campaign that was inclusive and diverse. In the editing process we then accentuated each models skin tone and uniqueness, in order to show the beauty in human difference. The illustrative identity followed suit, using a warm palette inspired by skin tones with bolder injections of bright colours taken from the brand palette. Very little use of linear borders and lines created a soft abstract effect, whilst the use of very subtle brush strokes created the illusion of texture.

Brand identity design and logo creation for Harley Academy London. Photoshoot for Harley Academy Clinics


The end result was a set of logos that managed to seamlessly combine education and tech whilst retaining a sense of approach-ability through the subtly modern and softly rounded lettering. The overall look and feel of the re-envisioned Harley Academy brand identity manages to tread a delicate line between conveying Harley’s adroitness and expertise with their friendly nature and forward-thinking approach. Neither stuffy nor brash, we’ve created an identity that works fluidly across the different parts of their business and stands out like a beacon of light among an industry whose image has largely stagnated.