Davies & Davies

Davies & Davies Estate Agents are an independent, market-leading property consultancy based in Finsbury Park, London. Having long established themselves as the most recognisable and trusted agency in the area, D&D have always been a popular local business. However, they knew their brand identity needed a refresh and were keen for a creative company to come on board to pull their marketing into the 21st Century.

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D&D needed to find their voice and inject life into their communications, so we pioneered a new vision for their creative identity and marketing strategy. We wanted to communicate the company’s core value of exemplary customer care, whilst highlighting their progressive approach to estate agency. What struck us most about D&D is the real personal investment of the team to their work. They believe that it’s their job to promote the local area and give back to the local community. It became evident right from the beginning that it was fundamentally important for us to recreate this attitude throughout their marketing.

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What we did?

We rebuilt their brand to create a humanised identity with tonnes of personality. D&D’s language and aesthetics were somewhat clich├ęd and we wanted to knock down some of the preconceived misconceptions about estate agency, whilst playing upon these stereotypes and poking fun at the notorious reputation of the industry. The copywriting uses a deliberately friendly and witty tone of voice and we developed humorous slogans, puns and fun artwork in bold colours to build a real point of difference that clearly separates D&D from their competitors. Their website is a thing of beauty, with a real focus on user experience and the client journey. The site was built to be just as effective on mobile and features completely bespoke photography, copywriting and videography throughout.

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Davies & Davies’ brand positioning is now smarter and fresher. Moreover, our relationship with D&D is getting even more serious (they pretty much put a ring on it) and we’re proud to say that across the last 4 years we’ve become both their creative and strategic brand partner. We’ve helped them to become the market leading estate agent in the N4 postcode, grown their property valuation inquiries by 40% and we’ve more than doubled the amount of traffic to their website. You can check out the site we built for Davies & Davies Estate Agents by clicking here.

If you want to stand out from the crowd with bespoke website design, photography and graphic design call us on 0203 846 1910 or send us a declaration of love to (just ‘co’ because we’re so cool we no longer need the ‘m’).